Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center

Our center was created with the aim of personalized and specialized treatment of a wide range of ailments. We provide personalized treatments with scientifically proven methods and modern equipment, such as Manual Therapy, therapeutic Pilates, Soft tissue-fascione release techniques -ERGON Technique, Kinesiotaping, etc.) that aim at the quick and functional rehabilitation of the patient

Our Approach

At our center we specialize in musculoskeletal physical therapy which includes the treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal problems, i.e. any injury, pathology or pain caused to the nerves, muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons.
Detailed history taking and clinical examination are an important part of our sessions, as they help us identify the causes of the problem and set therapeutic goals. Throughout the sessions, the patient actively participates in the rehabilitation program and his progress is re-evaluated at each session. The treatment plan is constantly adjusted in collaboration with the attending physician, so that the treatment is targeted and safe.


Physical therapy

The therapeutic approach that aims to improve mobility, balance and strength through the evaluation of pathologies of the neuromusculoskeletal system and the application of appropriate physical means


Ergon Technique is an innovative specialized therapeutic technique of soft tissue mobilization for the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pathologies and sports injuries using special stainless steel equipment-tools

Sports Physiotherapy

It aims to prevent injuries that occur on the sports field but also to quickly and safely return the practitioner to pre-injury levels of sports activity

Natural Ways

Our physical therapy clinic is fully equipped with the latest technology in the field of physical therapy in order to offer a complete and immediate solution to the rehabilitation of patients

Treatment with impact ultrasound

A non-invasive and safe treatment for musculoskeletal problems that aims to increase blood flow, reduce pain and immediately improve the patient's functionality

Pressotherapy System

NormaTec's pressotherapy system is one of the most advanced methods of rapid tissue recovery, accelerating and increasing venous and lymphatic drainage


Innovative cryotherapy system with intermittent compression. It has an analgesic, anti-edematous and healing effect, significantly reducing the recovery time of patients

Clinical Pilates

A form of therapeutic exercise suitable for sports injuries, acute or chronic musculoskeletal problems. It works "correctively" for healthy bodies and helps prevent potential future injuries

Preventing Fall for Elders

Improving physical fitness is an important factor in preventing falls. It aims to strengthen the patient's cardiorespiratory function, balance, coordination of movements and muscle strength